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Monday, February 14, 2011

Team Photo (Take One) + Cornering/Pacelining Clinic

First of all, sucks. Good thing that predicted weather for sunday turned out nothing like they said it would. Anyway, on to the important stuff.

Team Photo Take One!

Penn decided to go with Hincapie for our new clothing line this year and they sure turned out sharp. While this photo only represents about a third of our anticipated racers this season (and less than a quarter of our entire club roster), it shows off our sweet new kit and the hardened members that exemplify the acronym HTFU. there are women on our team tough, I promise! sidenote: there will be a closeup of Ross's glorious mane in due time, but you'll have to wait until it is unleashed at the Rutger's ITT. Furthermore, behold the "Scourge of the Men's D field."

Also, let's not forget the former "Scourge of Men's D Field," the honorable David Hilbert aka one toe clip Hilbert aka high socks hilbert.

Skillz Clinic!

Thanks to the return of previous Penn Cycling president Leonard Klipper, we had a very enjoyable, well run clinic teaching new and returning members the intricate art of cornering and pacelining. Countersteering, one foot/one arm cornering, turning left, turning right, and dodging water bottles were on the menu and people improved with every repeat of the specific drill. Now to incorporate that into some drills where people ride in a paceline and in a group, stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


University of Pennsylvania Cycling grew substantially last year-- third-most in the entire country, actually! [1] We were also the first squad to add 15 new members, which brought bountiful, tasty Gatorade goodies. Of course, that doesn't include the other half of our club, our equally-dedicated non-racing members. Here's to more growth (and world domination!)