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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Penn Cycling Mid-Season Update

Not many exciting race reports to be seen, we're too busy riding our bikes (and doing damage control to keep our significant others from dumping us). Here's what the quakers have done so far this season...

Currently 6th overall in conference (3rd in division 1) and 3rd overall for nationals qualification! We've had great results in every race weekend and here is a summary of our most notable accomplishments for the season (top 10s listed only)

Rutgers ITT - Ross Marklein (2nd Men's A), Matt Furlow (6th Men's A), John Farrell (6th Men's B), Patrick Glover (8th Men's D)
Rutgers Crit - Matt Furlow (2nd Men's A), John Farrell (6th Men's B), Doug Schaefer (10th C1), Patrick Glover (9th D1), Tony Altimore (10th D1)
Rutgers Points Race - John Farrell (2nd B), Doug Schaefer (9th C), Patrick Glover (4th D1)

Columbia Crit - Ross Marklein (9th A), Doug Schaefer (7th C1), Nick Chen (8th D1), Alex Brown (9th D1), David Slochower (10th D1)

Philly TTT - 2nd A, 2nd B, 2nd C1, 3rd D1
Philly Circuit - Max Korus (4th A), Matthew Furlow (8th A), Doug Schaefer (5th C1), David Slochower (5th D1), Alex Brown (8th D1)
Philly Crit - Max Korus (1st A, nice!), Patrick Glover (3rd C1), Dave Slochower (5th D1), Nick Chen (6th D1)

RPI ITT - Max Korus (2nd A), Ross Marklein (5th A), Colby Samstag (10th C1)
RPI Circuit - Max Korus (2nd A), Ross Marklein (6th A), Patrick Glover (6th C)
RPI Crit - Patrick Glover (4th C1, 6th cat4/5)

In case you've been counting, that's 34 top 10s, not too shabby.

Also, lots of upgrades! well deserved! we definitely anticipate many more before the end of the season.

D->C : Patrick Glover, Alex Brown
C->B: Patrick Glover, Doug Schaefer
B->A: John Farrell

please check out (john frey is the man) for breakdown of all the races, as well as for individual reports from many of the races.

Here's to more excellent results from all our category racers as we fight to qualify for nationals and a top placing in the ECCC overall standings!

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